Monday, December 27, 2010

Multi-tasking while sleeping

Ok before that i wanna show my new pencil case for school!!!!!

Ok now multi-tasking while sleeping... this is about my sister, i remember when one time i ask her to move as she is sleeping in my side of the bed, she said 'sleep on the other side, i wanna drink' she reached a cup on the table end drinks it and fell asleep. and tomorrow she asks me why she's sleeping on my side of bed and i slept on hers, she couldn't remember anything. Drinking while sleeping is not the only thing she can do! she can talk, go to the toilet, brushes her teeth, (she hate cold places) she can detects if i increase the fan's speed or switch on the air-cond. The benefit of it is, she really do what i ask her to do. Like once, i ask her to smell my hair LOL! i put my head in front of her, she usually go berserk and yell but at that time she said 'mmm, smells good' then goes back to sleep. I think i can ask her anything and she could never remember what happened!
Actually this the only thing i want to write but certain someone said i should make it longer and more detail, but i fear that the people that read will lose interest because it's too long. Sure i'm not beautiful or smart but at least i want to make this blog better. Am i being straight forward? The first main thing i make this blog to increase my vocabulary, next, a place where i could share things with the world, after that, just having fun!

I don't know if i have any talents but i have a lot of friends who are super talented! my bestfriend, she sleeps during class and said homeworks are stupid and that students shouldn't be doing homeworks and she got straight A's. My frienemy, she can play the piano really well and also can get straight A's. i know everyone looks down on me... I'm fat, stupid, lazy and ugly, not the mention short! i'm 16 and i'm 148cm.

The thing i'm proud of myself is i'm original!

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